Finance Excellence 2025

april 10th 2025

Hotel Birger Jarl | Stockholm


Finance Excellence 2025 is a summit bringing end to end finance development experiences together. How do we create agile, data insight driven organizations with process visibility and control – end to end? How can new ways of working be balanced with old structures and habits? How can data and insights be embedded into every decision? How can real-time monitoring and response be created? How can process control be scaled across the business and GBS/CoE/SSC? How can local/regional and global silos be bridged to ensure insight driven forecasts and decisions? In what way can businesses use improved data insights and processes to comply with ESG and other regulations?

Anna Bjärkerud MD & founder of EBG | Network

CFO Outlook 2024 | Sessions during April 25th

Great event!

A great event for Procurement folks to meet, share experiences and learn! 
Norwegian Air Shuttle

Really good!

In words, it was worth it, really good and open discussions and insights, great meeting IRL.

Great summit!

A great summit of interesting topics, which provides a great opportunity to network and discussion/enhance understanding of critical topics. 


Fantastic, it has been inspiring and positive atmosphere.

People willing to share!

Relevant topics, engaging and inspiring presentations and open people, willing to share 🙂

Thank you for a great and inspiring day

And thanks to all key note speakers, expert org.’s, round table moderators and participants. I enjoyed and learned a lot from all sessions during the day.
Orkla Foods

2024 speakers & moderators

Nowhere else in the Nordics can you meet up with such experienced end to end finance professionals!

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Expert Organizations 2024

Interested in joining the most long running and interactive cross function procurement and finance summit in the Nordics?

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On-Site Stockholm

You who join CFO Outlook 2024 in Stockholm can take part in round table discussions, workshops, on stage sessions and the dinner event.

EBG | Community

EBG | Community is open for all hosting Theme Discussions and for all practitioners joining the summit – On-Site or Online. Here you can connect with groups of people sharing the same interests as you!

Cross Function Change Leaders Coming Together

The purpose of an EBG Summit is to bring together different perspectives as well as people who rarely meet. All part of what together is an end to end structure. Only then real change can happen – as all having worked with large scale transformation projects can testify to.

You who join CFO Outlook may be a Chief Finance Officer, Head of Finance development, Transformation Manager, an Excellence Manager, a VP Group Finance, Head of Accounts Payable, Head of Accounts Receivable, Head of GBS, Head of SSC, Director Digitalization & Processes, Development Manager Source to Pay, Global Process Owner P2P, Finance Process manager and so on.

The idea is that no one person nor one function can reach set targets affecting what is an end to end structure yet still is very much siloed in many organizations

Only at an EBG Summit these individuals come together to make real change a reality

The most high quality day finance can experience


Theme Discussions
Limited seats round table discussions based on Your choices – each moderator hosting sessions based on their experiences (you don’t experience this at any other summit)

Focused Theme Discussions
Limited seats workshops where a company host a session presenting their challenges and experiences and the group discuss ideas and lessons learned


Drinks & Dinner
We can finally meet again like we have for years

After the summit

Meet up via EBG | Community – an online platform where you can continue to connect with all you met in person or online

CFO Outlook Sessions


April 2024

April 24th


6:30 PM – Drinks & Dinner reception!

April 25th


08:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Keynote presentations

Round Table Discussions

Deep Dive Sessions

SEE you in the spring!

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