Hannele Palje-Rossi

Hannele Palje-Rossi

Rewiring to a ‘Good enough’ AI culture

Being data-driven and striving for excellence is in the DNA of finance. However, the interpretation of excellence often drives pursuit of 100% certainty which impedes adoption and scaling of digitization. A ‘good enough’ culture for finance teams refers to a work environment where individuals are still encouraged to strive for excellence, but not at the cost of speed of digitisation. It means setting realistic expectations and goals, and ensuring that team members are adequately trained and supported to achieve them.

A good enough culture recognizes that mistakes happen and values learning from them, rather than punishing or shaming team members for them. This type of culture promotes collaboration, open communication, and a sense of shared responsibility for achieving the team’s objectives such as accelerating digitization. Ultimately, a good enough culture allows finance teams to work effectively and efficiently while maintaining a healthy and sustainable work environment.

Hannele is a member of the Stora Enso corporate leadership team accountable for leading their newly established Global Business Services. She is accountable for ensuring that Finance, HR and IT services improve scalability of their business, continuously optimize the cost of operations, drive synergies in the services, and provide improved access to data to support business decisions.

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Hannele Palje-Rossi | Vice President, Head of Global Business Services | Stora Enso