Anna Lagerhed

Global Manager People and Competence GBS

Anna has;

20 years of leadership experience
+6 years of RPA/IA experience
+HR & work environment skills

Anna has excellent track record in leading teams and developing individuals. She has implemented and led a full-scale Center of Excellence for RPA/Intelligent Automation and she has experience from multiple industries. Prior to working at SSAB, now as Global Manage People and Competence GBS, before that as Head of Intelligent Automation, Anna worked at Skanska, Aptor, TeliaSOnera and Coor Service Management.

Anna invite you to join her Theme Discussions (round table discussions) – a unique opportunities to learn from each other.

  • How do you harmonize centralized organizations based in different countries?
  • Working with order to cash, purchase to pay and record to report transactions and processes – what does digital transformation mean to you?
  • As you incorporate more digital co-workers – what does that mean to you as a leader?
  • With new digitally native employees entering the workplace – how do you foster different competences and perspectives?