About EBG

EBG | Network (legal name EBG e-Business Guide AB – in short “EBG”) is a small private company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We do three conferences (CFO Outlook, CPO Outlook, Source 2 Pay Summit and Sourcing Outlook) in Sweden, online webinars, workshops, we publish articles via ebgnetwork.com and occasionally speak at conferences. EBG was founded in 2010 by Anna Bjärkerud who today run the company together with partner and husband Lars Bjärkerud.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) is effective from May 25th, 2018. The GDPR aims to strengthen the security and protection of personal data in the EU and harmonize EU data protection law. This new law will replace the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, as well as the local laws relating to it.

The GDPR applies to companies, both inside and outside of the EU, that collect and process personal data of EU citizens. Personal data means any information relating to an individual that can be used to directly or indirectly identify that individual including name, identification number, or online identifiers.

It protects EU citizens’ fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data. It introduces robust privacy and security requirements that will raise the bar for data protection, security, and compliance.

What EBG is doing to comply with the GDPR

EBG is fully committed to the new requirements and is continuously working with making sure EBG comply.

The right to know what data EBG have on you

You have the full right to learn what data EBG have on you, drop us an email via gdpr@ebgnetwork.com and after verifying your identity we will let you know.

How EBG handle your personal data

EBG respect your right to privacy. We ensure all data is managed lawfully, fairly and transparently. EBG never share your personal data (business related data) apart from when you actively join an event hosted by EBG. EBG will share your sign up data (name/title/company/email address/phone number) with the sponsoring organization when You sign up to participate at an event hosted by EBG. Representatives from the Expert Organizations may contact you ahead. You are always opted to agree to these terms and You may of course choose not to join an event.

Such an event might be a conference, a webinar or a workshop in which case your name, title, company, e-mail address and phone number will be shared. If attending a webinar EBG also share information given during the webinar session with the sponsoring company.

EBG take great concern into who we are working with and how they manage Your data and are happy to be in contact with you to learn from Your experiences.

EBG Conference Terms & Conditions

We can never be too explicit and always seek to be very open about how we work with personal data.

From 2022 and on EBG will host CPO Outlook – a combination of Source 2 Pay Summit and Sourcing Outlook.

From 2024 EBG will host CFO Outlook in Stockholm digging deeper end to end into finance and accounting development.

Here are the Terms & Conditions when joining CFO Outlook

Here are the Terms & Conditions when joining CPO Outlook

Here are the Terms & Conditions when joining Source 2 Pay Summit

Here are the Terms & Conditions when joining Sourcing Outlook

Data storage

The personal data EBG hold is stored on local, password protected, EBG hard drives and cloud services servers managing financial and newsletter services (PayPal, Payson, Visma eEkonomi, Paloma/Magnet). EBG retains data for the duration of a business relationship with EBG. For more information on where and how long your personal data is stored, and for more information on your rights of erasure, please contact gdpr@ebgnetwork.com.

The right to be forgotten

You have every right to be forgotten and to never again receive any communication from EBG. Apart from always being able to change your consent in every newsletter EBG send to you, you can also drop us an email via gdpr@ebgnetwork.com and ask us to delete your data from our records at any time.

Direct marketing

EBG send out two types of emails: information about free of charge webinars and webinar recordings and information about our conferences CFO Outlook, CPO Outlook, Source 2 Pay Summit and Sourcing Outlook. Anna or Lars may also send You an email that is not a newsletter but an email directed only to you for a specific reason. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters or promotional materials, you may opt-out of receiving these communications. You can do it by following the unsubscribe link placed in the bottom of the promotional email or if it is a personal email simply ask Lars or Anna to not email you again. Or simply contact gdpr@ebgnetwork.com and ask to be unsubscribed.

EBG communication mainly comply with GDPR Consent or Legitimate Interests. The GDPR specifically says in Recital 47: “The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest”. EBG will explain and showcase what legal grounds is used in each individual case upon request, email gdpr@ebgnetwork.com to learn more.

EBG is constantly auditing business contacts in order to ensure a legitimate interest is valid. LinkedIn is used to ensure a person has expressed an interest in the area communicated via for instance e-mail. Where consent is given – when for instance signing up to a webinar or registering for a conference – private email addresses are not allowed. EBG only communicate via corporate email addresses. If a private email address is used when registering for a webinar for instance – a reason for that need to be given and the email address will after the webinar be deleted even if consent is given.

EBG | Business Directory

The EBG | Business Directory is a service listing within the area EBG operate. Sourcing, procurement and finance related services that EBG find relevant to its network. Each listed company is given to possibility to alter the information given, in the case an individual is made listing owner, this person/company have the possibility to alter the information given. EBG always have the right and possibility to remove information not suitable but are not responsible for information added. Individuals can contact the listed company directed – EBG are not responsible for those messages as they are outside EBGs control. A company can always ask to be removed from the directory via bd(at)ebgnetwork.com.

EBG | Community

EBG | Community is a voluntary experience exchange forum managed by EBG | Network. As a start those attending an EBG Summit will be invited to EBG | Community Membership. Groups based on Theme Discussions held are created and participants are invited to join the group pre-chosen. Only EBG can accept a membership and decide which groups an individual can join. EBG have the right to ad and exclude members from any group without any explanation. All questions asked and experienced shared by members that are published are to be seen as individual expressions, not corporate official expressions. Questions asked and experiences shared are not to be published outside of EBG | Community unless agreed upon within the group. Members can at any point choose to leave the Community, joining the Community is completely voluntary.

EBG websites contains some links to other sites. EBG is not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. This privacy statement applies solely to the information collected and managed by EBG.

Contact Anna via anna(at)ebgnetwork.com or Lars via lars(at)ebgnetwork.com