Vishakha Goel

Vishakha Goel

Short-Term Gains, Long-Term Value: ESG Strategies for CFOs

In today’s competitive business landscape, CFOs and finance face the challenge of generating short-term gains without compromising their organizations’ long-term commitment to ESG principles. This roundtable delves into how finance professionals can navigate this delicate balance.

By exploring strategies to capitalize on immediate opportunities while staying aligned with overarching ESG objectives, this discussion offers invaluable insights to finance professionals aiming to drive financial growth today while safeguarding the sustainability of their businesses for tomorrow.


  • How can finance identify and prioritize short-term opportunities for financial growth through ESG initiatives?
  • What are the primary challenges associated with ESG data, such as availability, quality, and consistency?
  • What strategies can CFOs employ to align short-term financial objectives with long-term ESG goals?
  • What type of challenges do finance face in balancing short-term gains with long-term value creation through ESG strategies?

Vishakha Goel | Sustainability Head | Acumant