Susan Walsh

Founder & Author

Are you struggling to get reliable insights from your data? Do you have duplicates, multiple versions of the same supplier or customer, and multiple date and address formats? And is it saved in multiple different systems?

The Classification Guru

The Classification Guru was founded in 2017 by the original Guru, Susan Walsh, and under her guidance the team has grown and gone from strength to strength – classifying data for every size of business you can think of, on an international scale, and in multiple languages.

The team have been expertly trained by Susan in her specially developed methodology to classify, cleanse and check data for errors, which will help prevent costly mistakes accurately and efficiently.

We can also cleanse databases and have used our expertise to help companies’ clean databases for implementing CRM and ERP changes and cleansed suppliers for P2P implementation.

The Classification Guru team bring clarity and accuracy to data and procurement and help teams work more effectively and efficiently; all while saving you and your team time and money.

Susan will engage us all during a keynote followed by Theme Discussions (round table discussions).

You will learn;

  • What is dirty data and its consequences?
  • How faulty data impacts finance and accounting accuracy
  • How to enable data accuracy
  • The data COAT